Jana Cruder and Matthew LaPenta met in 2013, just as their creative and artistic careers were gaining steam and galleries were paying attention. It was a kismet meeting; one of conjoined inspired force. Immediately they found connections in the roots of their respective practices and started to recognize a dialogue between the two. The influence on each others work was recognized instantly. LaPenta was seduced by Cruder to explore sculpture and three-dimensional forms. Cruder was inspired by LaPenta’s observations of humanity’s relationship to technology. Ever so courageous as collaborators, Cruder and LaPenta will continue to use their individual and unique identities as artists to explore new ideas and alternative aesthetic territories in a dialogue that is equally accessible as it is challenging.

Cruder and LaPenta are also deeply moved by the current state of humanity and its impact on the planet. Through their current collaborative projects, they aim to cast a spotlight that is both unforgiving and unassuming on the environmental, technological, political and social realities of today. Cruder and LaPenta hope their collective creative output will make a positive impact, not only on this generation, but the next as well.





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