The adaptability of an organism to changes in its environment or differences between its various habitats, existing in or caused by unnatural additives; the changing of our natural environment due to the impact of disposable plastic. Looking back at the impact of the choice of disposable plastic. 

This installation brings the impact of consumer and corporate behavior regarding single-use-plastics into clear site. Beckoning the viewer to evaluate their own behavior with plastic consumption. In order to change what is manufactured and marketed we must first change the individual. To positively effect consumer behavior we’ve decided to alter the local landscape by installing 20ft to 30ft replicas of a plastic bottles, plastic disposable cups and straws into natural environments.  These larger then life objects, when placed in landscapes unaccustomed to art grab hold of the viewer and ask them to look inward at their own habits.

By working with inflatables the project has the ability to change locations throughout a city or geographical area over the corse of several days.  Mirroring the same way plastics interact with our natural environment.   

These work has been most recently been installed in New York City and around the Los Angeles area. Mimicking the path of discarded plastic that eventually makes it's way to the ocean.

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We are seeking support from individuals and organizations for support to take us traveling for an installation and artist talk near you. 


We were incredibly honored to be selected as finalists for the 11th Arte Laguna Prize for Land Art in Venezia, Italy spring 2017.   Matthew and I traveled to Italy to be part of the exhibition and presentation of the awards.   We were honored to be selected and have an opportunity to meet Igor Zanti amongst other mega notable art curators and artists.    2017 “Natural Plasticity” Arte Laguna, Arsenale Venice, Italy   



Govonors Island, New York, Venice Beach, CA,  Griffith Park, CA, Newport Beach, CA, Pershing Square, CA -  made possible by DO ART Foundation, RVCC, Shark Allies supported by LA Parks and Rec.

The sculpture installs are moving public art installs in the city of Los Angeles and beyond. During this time the artists will also install a museum plaque with information about the piece, its partners and actions to take as well as a link for more information.  The goal of the installation is to create a moment for a photo and educate as to ways to redirect consumer behavior. Each install will be professionally photographed by artist Jana Cruder.  Creating time lapse and stop motion video of the installs. All content created will be view-able on the artists website as well as partner sites. The images from the 5 install locations will be printed, framed and exhibited and available for sale upon completion of the LA install. A few edition prints will be made available for purchase with a portion of the proceed going to further NFP missions.

Recycling doesn’t work, it isn’t enough. We’re aiming to change corporations and options for consumers by changing the consumer. If the consumer demands alternatives and demands to be able to use their own refillable container the entities that produce these consumables, if they desire to continue to sell their product will be forced to evolve. We’re asking for disposables to be re-examined, for reusable s to be accepted and encouraged in the market place and for corporations to support environmental friendly packaging legislation and innovations and help change the plastic landscape and ultimately the health of the planet and all of its inhabitants.

The artists are seeking opportunities to make this a traveling exhibition, a social push “Follow the Bottle” or a petition aimed at reducing plastic waste, changing the laws around plastic disposables. Please contact for more information.