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The adaptability of an organism to changes in its environment or differences between its various habitats, existing in or caused by unnatural additives; the changing of our natural environment due to the impact of disposable plastic. Looking back at the impact of the choice of disposable plastic.


The Project:

Natural Plasticity is a traveling art installation that examines the impact of single-use-plastics on our planet. Installing the inflatable sculptures in public parks and urban environments creates an opportunity for shifting perspectives on this important issue. The 20 to 30 ft sculptures become unavoidable in the environments they are placed and thus create an opportunity for viewers to reexamine their own behaviors around single-use-plastics. By working with inflatables the project has the ability to change locations throughout a city or geographical area over the course of several days/weeks.  Mirroring the behavior plastic has with our natural environment as it makes it's way into soil systems and the oceans.

Join Adidas and Parley as we Run For the Ocean

Toronto, Canada, June 2019


Toronto Canada Installation with Slate

Install Locations

- Giant Bottle & Straw: 2 St. Clair W

- Giant Cup: 55 St. Clair W


Pulse Projects Featured Artists

2018 On-Site Installation

Creating Conversations of Consciousness:

Each install is documented by artists and the public. The sculptures provide an opportunity for the public to engage with art.  The installation creates conversions of consciousness, by opening up a dialogue between the viewer and their own plastic consumption patters. This allows visitors to examine their own behaviors and redirect them into more mindful consumption habits.

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